Ten Learn Pte Ltd is an edu-tech company in Singapore that provides e-Learning services to individuals and organizations. The company currently offers programs in security which includes virtual tutorials, assessment, and data analytics on the student's learning.

Our Mission:

To use our expertise to help transform the lives of others through training, education and a genuine care for each individual.

Our Vision:

To be a leading training institute that promotes learning and discovering, with training programmes designed to transform the lives of participants and organisations.


Simon Ng is the founder of Ten Learn.

He aims to provide a full spectrum of industry training, helping professionals move up the career ladder.

Before devoting his work fulltime to Leacov, Simon served as Bodyguard & Personal Aide to late Minister Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Officer-in-Charge of Training (NS), Tanglin Police Division, Officer-in-Charge of Security Industry for WDA, Security Consultant and Associate Researcher for Security industry.

Simon volunteers his time to the community by contributing to the Community Vigilance and SGSecure movement.