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If you are a fire safety manager or warden looking for a training course to upgrade your skills, TenLearn has got your back. We offer an extensive range of various fire safety awareness courses such as Fire Common Centre and Evacuation Planning, Fire Safety Act and Automatic Fire Extinguishing System and more. What’s more, every training course is fully online, so you can upgrade your skills as a qualified FSM anytime and anywhere – even from the comfort of your own home! Browse our selection and find a suitable fire safety management course here.

The role of a Fire Safety Manager (FSM)

With the passing of the Fire Safety Act in 1993 and the Fire Safety Manager Regulations in 1994, it is mandatory for building owners to appoint a fire safety manager. A fire safety manager is responsible for spreading awareness on fire safety to the building’s occupants. Some of the other duties of a fire safety manager include developing an emergency response evacuation plan and preparing fire safety guide books.

However, fire risk and safety management has become increasingly challenging with the complexity of modern high-rise building structures. Hence, the work of a fire safety manager (FSM) has also evolved to include additional responsibilities such as establishing fire safety standards within buildings for the protection of people and valuable assets. This could include ensuring the compliance of all fire safety requirements, overseeing maintenance works of fire safety instruments and more.

Fire Safety Course Singapore

Fire Safety Management Courses

As we approach a decade of new frontiers, our civil defence, community resilience, and emergency response systems will need to keep up. Thus, it is important for all fire safety managers to continually upgrade their skills by attending training, to ensure that they are equipped with the relevant knowledge to safeguard a building and its occupants’ safety.

Here at TenLearn, every fire warden online training course is specially designed to provide fire safety managers (FSM) with up-to-date and valuable knowledge about Singapore’s fire safety legislation, a review on the basics principles of fire safety design and fire prevention measures. These fire warden online training courses promote fire safety awareness to ensure that the safety standards in a building are maintained at all times.

No matter if you are looking to brush up your skills on evacuation planning or executing table top exercises, we guarantee that there is a suitable fire and safety course for you.

Fire Safety Management Singapore

FSM Certification

All qualified FSMs in Singapore are required to hold an official certificate. They would also have to register this certificate with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for their FSM certification to be valid. At TenLearn, every fire warden training course is SCDF approved with a certificate provided upon completion.

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